Danish Yearbook of Musicology is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal related to musical research in the widest sense. Each issue presents articles, book reviews, reports on research projects and conferences as well as a bibliography on literature related to Danish music or musicology.

Proposals for articles or reviews are welcomed. All articles or suggestions should be sent to the editors as a MS Word document by email. All contributors are urged to read the Guidelines for Authors in advance. Deadline for contributions for vol. 38 (2010) is 1 October 2010.

The editorial language of the journal is English, and all contributors are asked to write in English unless other agreements are made with the editors.

Danish Yearbook for Musicology is published by Danish Musicological Society. Members will obtain the journal as part of their membership. For further information on membership and the conferences and activities of the Society, see their website www.musikforskning.dk.

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